Geographical Environment of North America

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Geographical Environment of North America

Q.3 Wheredo earthquake and volcano occur in North America ? Where do hurricane and tornoda suffer the people? Where does flood occur

frequently ? Write.

Ans : Earthquake and Volcano frequently occur in the western cordilleras of North America . HUrricane andTorndo suffer southern and

south eastern part of North America St.Lawrence andMississippi river basins are the flood prone zones of North America.

Q.4 Where do Rockies lie and how are they used?

Ans ; All the ways down the west side of North America runs a great range of mountains- the Rocky Mountains. In the north Rockies have

pine trees, often covered in snow . In the south they form part of great deserts. Here the River Colorado has cut the Grand Canyon .

Here the river Colorado has the Grand Canyon . 1800m deep. Much of the Rockies is preserved as National Park.

Q. 5 What are the three major physical division of North America ? Explain any one of them.

Ans : The three major physical divisions of North America are as follows :

A) The Western cordileras. B) The central lowlands C

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