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cold zone

very Shortquestion-answer

q.1 Give the locationof polar zone.

ans. The polar region lies across the articaland antarctic circles . i. e between 60 to 90 n/s latitudes in both hemsipheres.

Q.2 Where do inuits live ?

ans. Inuitslive in northern canadaand green land.

Q.3 What are the main occuptionsof insuit?

ans. The main occuptionof these people are fishing and hunting.

Q.4 What is called "Igloo"?

ans. lgloois a home of Eskimos for winter season which is made up of ice.

Q.5 Which are the biggest forests of softwood?

ans. Boreal of north america and taigoof europand aisa are the biggest forest of softwood.

Q.6 Why are the trees in polar zone cone shape?

ans. These trees are cone shaoedto prevent the longtime stay of show there.

Q.7 What is kayak?

ans. Kayak is a small boat used by inuitto hunt fish.

Q.8 Why is tundra vegetation - marsh grasses , lichens and mosses found in tundra region?

ans. Tundra vegetation like march grasses ,lichens and mosses are found in tundra region because of very cold climate where soil freezes and becomes hard in winter.

Q.9 How do polar birtdspenquinremain alive in the cold climate ?

ans. The polar bird penquinbears small features on its body along with athicklayer of oily fat under its skin which keeps the body warm and leepsthe water out. in this way , Penquinremain alive in the cild climate.

Q. 10 what is taiga ?

ans. To the south of the tundra regions , the temepertureis very low and huge coniferous forest or the soft pine

everegreen forest is found in canadaand siberiain Aisa , which is very importainfrom the economy point of view

This is called Taiga.

Q.11 What sorts of changes have occurednow in the lifestyle of people who live in the polar region ? clarify with an


ans. Nowadays the people of polar region use automobiles instead of sledge use guns to fish instead of dog and live in

mordernconcrete houses instead of igloo and tupiks.

Q.12 Mention any two economic importainof taiga.

ans. Any two economic importainof Taiga forest are follows;

1. It is used for making paper.

2.It is used for making pulp.

Q.13 People who reside in Himalayan region of Nepal have different lifestyle than the people who live in cold region ,

how ? Write in a sentence.

ans. People who reside in a Himalayan region of Nepal have different lifestyle than the people living in cold region

because the soil pattern and topography of these two regions totally differ to each other.

Q.14 How c an thalife of people in polar region be modernized?

ans The life of in polar region can be modernized through regular visit to this from other parts of the world.

short question -answer

Q.1 In which region the bird and fish are found in the picture?

The birds and fish given in the picture are found in polar region .Such fish as given in the picture is called se al.

Tt looks likes Whale .IT has thick fat inside flesh which keeps them warm.

The bird given here is called penguin . it can run as well as swim. It warms itself up with thin feather , without

letting the water go in .It lives in abigcolony.

Q.2 The given pictures show the situation of Inuit of 50 years before and thant of now . Answer the following questions

with the help of given picture ;

a). In your opinion ,what are they doing?

ans; In my opinion , they are going from one place to another in a snow region.

b). What are they using?

ans; The life style of Inuit was different fifty years ago. they were not modernized. he is using a special kind of instrument

to scale the snow capped hills.

The second picture is using modern Inuit . His life is almost modernized . He is using an automobile or a

skating on snow to go from one place to another.

Q.3 The fur animals given in picture are at the risk of peril , Is theirconservation necessary ?How can we take economic

benefit from such animal? Exchange your thought and write.

Ans :The fur animals given in picture are snow leopards . They are found in sub-polar and tundra climatic regions. They

are hunted for fur and various other oragans. The illeg al hunting of such animals is at alarming rate conseequenty

their number is decreasing drastically . It is essentingto conserve them. We should adopt certain measures to

preserve them. First , the illegal hunting should be checked . Second , poacher should be severely punished .

Third, national parks and conservation area should be delineated for the habits of snow leopard . Finally , breeding

centre should be established to increasa their number fast. We can make various advantages from such animals.

We can attract many tourist in national parks and conservation areas .we can maintain balance in enviroment.

Q.4 How is the life style of inuits?

Ans; Inuits live in polar region . About ten month of the year , the land is covered with snow . IN summer, they live in tent

made of seal`s skin and winter they make home of snow name `Igloo`. They hunt seal. Now tradition life style is

changing . Modern facility are avablehere . Most of the Inuits use automobiles . They live in modern houses. So ,

their life is more comfortable.

Q. 5 What is seen in the given picture? How is it not suitable place for human sattlement?

Ans; The given picture is of Antarctica . It is extremely cold here. About 98percent of its surface is covered by a permanent

the thickest and the largest ice sheet in the world .In summer it is warm and in winter it is very cold and dark .

Nothing grows here. though petroleum is detected here, it us also in fridged condition . rest of the minerals are yet

to be delected , explored and exatractes. So , it is not suitable place for human settlement.

Q.6 Differentiate between the Tundra type of climate and the Equatorial type of climate.

ans ; the different between tundra and Equatorial type of climate are;

The Tundra tyoes of climate

1). the sunrays are extrement slanted therefore the temperature in the zone is extremely cold througout the year

it remains dark in winter.

2).There is snow fall in winter so the region remains dry.

3). this climate region is located to the north of Arctic 66 north of the equator in the northern hemisphere.

The Equatorial of climate

1). This region lies between 0` to 5` altitude north and south of the equator.

2). the region is hot, wet humid throughout the year .

3). this region receives the diret sun rats of the sun.

Q. 7 Describe the lifestyle of people living in cold region (zone).

Ans. The life in cold region is very difficult. A few people live in this region and they have a semi- nomadic life .The

activities and living condition of the people are controlled by the natural environment . The tribal groups who

live inAlaska , Greenland and Labrador are known as the Eskimos and the people living inSiberia . The nomadic

tribes lives in igloos in winter and tupkis ( animal tents) in summer .

The chif occupation of the people living in cold region are hunting and fishing . the animals are hunted for

food and clothing . Reindeer, Caribo, polar bear, fox and milk are the main hunted animals. They also catch Seal,

walrus and Whale. Seals provide their major requirements. During the last few decades, there has been a visible

change in the life of tundra people.

Q.8 Which climatic region does the given figure indicate? write any three changes in lifestyle of people in this region?

Ans; The given figure indicates the Inuit people of the Tundra climatic region.

The lifestyle of the people in this region has been totally changed now as it was 50 years ago. the three major

changes that took place in their life style are given below

a). Nowadays these people do no more hunting to seal and penguin but live comfortable and cozy life with continental

food items.

b). They wear the modern woolen clothes instead of fur or feather made clothes of animals and birds.

c). They use ice- skater in place of sledge as a means of transportation

Q.9 which is the climatic region show in given figure ? Write the characteristics of the climatic region.

Ans; Tundra region is shown in the given figure

The characteristics of the region are;

1. It lies approximately beyond 70^ latitudes and between the Taiga region and polar ice cap in Northern Hemisphere

of Europe , Asia andNorth America .

2. winters are 9--10 month long.

3. Vegetation consists of dwarf of busher of alders , birches, junipers and willows, grasses like mosses , lichens ,

sedgesoand flowering plamtss are also found.

4. Rainfall is scanty , rarely more than 25cm . Precipitation is more in the form of snow.

5. Human settlement is sparse due to inhospitable climate and the indigenous people are called "Inuit" or "Eskimo".

6. Lifestyle is developing due to the contact and influence of Europeans and Americans.

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