Population Growth and its Management

Subject: Social Studies

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Population Growth and its Effect

The increasing number of people in certain place of a country in a certain time is known as population growth.The major aspects affected by rapid population growth rate are : food,housing, and settlement,environmental pollution etc.pollution Learn More

Introduction and Importance of Population Management

The number of people living in a particular area in a particular time is known as a population.In simple word, population means the number of people living in a certain place in a country in a certain time is called population.There is mainly three factor which affects population is:birth,death,and migration.Population management is very important for we human beings because to fulfill the basic need of the all the human beings. Learn More

Problems of Population Management

The population is the total number of people living in a certain area in a certain time.The population is always changeable.Sometimes population increase and sometimes it decreases.There are some major problems on population management.Some of them are described below:Unplanned migration,Early marriage,Less literacy rate of women etc. Learn More

Role of Governmental And Non-Governmental Organization in Population Management

This note gives information about the organization which is helping directly or indirectly to manage the population.These types of organization are playing very important role to manage the population.They are providing different types of services like family planning,balance dites,various vaccination etc. Learn More

Measures of Population Management

This note gives information about the measure of population management.It is very important for to run the programmes of population management .The which should be taken for population management in Nepal are:Equal behavior between Son and Daughter,Extension of health services,Appropriate management of migration etc. Learn More

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