Population and Population Status

Subject: Social Studies

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Introduction and Importance of Population

This note gives information about the population nad important of a population to all.The population is a summation of all the living organisms of the same group or species which live in a particular area.It includes the demographic and social characteristics like reproduction,sex,cast etc. Learn More

Factors of Population Change

The total number of people living in a particular area is known as a population. Birth , death, and migration are the more factors of population change. They all are the factor which affect the population. Learn More

Relation of Population with other Subjects

The above note gives information about the relation of population to another subject.The population is always changeable . It can change at any time. The population is made by the people like family , society, and nation etc. Learn More

Size and Change of Population

The total number of people living in a particular time in a particular area is known as a population. Whereas the total number of people which is includes of children,youth,men,women,and old people live in a particular place in a particular area is known as a size of the population.There are different types of things due to which the population is increasing and decreasing .Some of them are Birth,Death, and migration. Learn More

Composition and Distribution of Population

The arrangement of the population which is the basis of their social,economic,and characterise like,occupation,age,religion,sex etc is known as population composition.It is also known as the structure of the population.The arrangement of the population according to their geographical and administrative region is known as Population Distribution. Learn More

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