Gold Mines Travel South Africa (Apartheid) (1) Kevin Slean

My Days of Traveling - (1) Kevin Slean Down many a road and traveled many a highway. Up and down many a river some longer then others. Traveled over many a mountain and through a gorge or two. Passed through the Khyber Pass not knowing what to expect. Sydney and Rio are beautifull cities by the sea that are not to be missed. Sailed many a sea and crossed an ocean or two. Trekked across many a desert some for days and others for weeks. In Africa I came across the Bushmen in the Kalahari, Tonga on the shore of Lake Kariba and the Masai in Northern Kenya. The Amazonas is still to be explored but sad to see it go but who will suffer more are the indigenous people not knowing what is coming their way. Worked on the gold mines on the Rand of South Africa was something to experience, deep down underground 4,000 ft to 6,000 ft with the Zulu's, Xhosa's and Machanga's. The miners best friend underground is the rat because they can detect a bump(cave in) long before the miner will know anything. Stayed awhile in Le Kef a small town in Tunisia North Africa until I made another attempt months later to cross over the frontier dead zone between Tunisia and Algeria. The story is after walking the dead zone of 12klm in the afternoon sun from Tunisia to the Algerian border the first Algerian guard I met at the border post gave me a glass of water. After resting awhile the guard in charge of the post must not have liked the way I looked, if it was my Irish passport got to him or what ever and a confrontation and a struggle started that meant refusing me entry into Algeria and forcing me to return to Tunisia and having to walking the 12 klm back into Tunisia in the blazing sun alone suffering from exhaustion and dehydration which was a grueling experience meeting the odd native on the way. Le Kef Tunisia was the perfect place to hang out and build up my strength and spirit again thanks to a Tunisian family that fed me and American peace Corp worker that housed me for ten weeks. Obviously I crossed over at a different frontier post into Algeria and continued on my journey crossing all of North Africa from Cairo Egypt to Tangier Morocco and then crossing over to Algercias in Spain and then to Gibraltar, mission accomplished. Dredged for diamonds along the Skeleton Coast of Namibia Southwestern Africa one of the harshest places on earth where many a shipwreck happened in the old days along that coast and those who survived the shipwreck and made it to land died of exposure or thirst or perish trying to trek through the endless desert . Heavy down pour of rain in the Northern Territory Australia is called the knocking-down rain. Grass that is taller then men and ant hills even taller. Traveled on trains in Europe, India, Panama, Egypt, Peru, Indonesia, Argentina, Pakistan and Ecuador are all different but some are rough to travel on especially if you are traveling third class where I always made my space and slept on the luggage rack. Who said it's great to travel and I agree but don't complain because I have come across a lot of complainers(travelers) and that is all they do. They should have stayed at home and not have bothered to travel. Had no choice but took to the river boats(slow boats) on the Amazon in Brazil that began in Rio Branco up river on the Rio Acre on the Amazon and traveled on boats for weeks via Manaus to Tabatinga/Leticia the frontier towns of Brazil and Colombia. Leticia on the Colombian side was the last of the frontier towns in South America then. You could spent days just in your hammock on the boat waiting for it to leave until the captain decides it's time to leave until he thinks he has enough passengers on board to travel. In the warm climate's one can ask to sleep on top of the hotel roof for a lot less then a room that I learn from the Japanese. Stayed awhile with the Ayoreos on the Gran Chaco who buried themselves alive on the Bolivian/Paraguayan frontier. The only contact they had with the out-side world was with Jaime Dunn a missionary from the U.S who lived with his family in Camiri. He was good enough to put me up for a time and he told me he did the same for "Che" Guevara's girl-friend Tania of course not knowing that she was involve with the huckster Guevara. Some simple pricipals while traveling or vacationing abroad. You are not born a idiot so don't act like one. Don't act like a loser or else you will end up like one that could change your life for ever. Do not trust any one other then the people you travel with and even that is a risk because some people are just really naive. Gold Producing Countries :

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