How to Write a Short Story - Quick and Easy

Are you interested in writing fiction? Especially short stories? Or novels? Maybe humor? Mysteries? Sci-fi? Visit to learn how to do it. This page will show you a list of courses you can study. Regardless of what your writing interests are, you might find something at this page that will help you. For what it's worth, I would recommend it. These are excellent courses. This is an abbreviated version of my hour long video on how to write a short story in one hour. You can see the other video at . This video explains how to go through the idea generation process and make good decisions in your creative writing efforts. You'll learn the six elements of a good short story along with three rules that you should always follow when writing fiction. If you'd like to read more of my work, you can download my collection of short stories called Sacrilege by Andrew Heath on Amazon Kindle - just visit . You can also visit my blog at . If you think this video is helpful, please share it on Facebook and Twitter. Thank you for watching. See a list of writing courses at . Andy Heath

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