Lumbini Tour Nepal, Birth place of Budhha

Nearby the holy spot, several other structures, stupas and monuments have been constructed by the devotees as a payment of homage or due respect to the Buddha. It is believed that Lord Buddha received Mahaparinirvana (liberation from the material world) exactly where he was born. So, this spot is one of the most sacred monastic and religious sites for the Buddhists. The temple later turned into the ruins due to lack of conservation and maintenance. The remains of the temple later found are believed to have their originations traced back to the 3rd century B.C. But in 2003, the temple was mutually renovated by the government of Nepal and Lumbini Development Trust, and was officially made open to public on May 16, 2003, marking the auspicious occasion of the 2047th anniversary of Lord Buddha's birth.

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