Family Tree For Kids Project - How To Make Your Own Simple Family Tree For Scrapbook

Family tree in kids scrapbook is a common school project. Learn from Sonia Goyal how to make your own simple family tree. A family tree is a graphical representation of family relationships in a tree structure. This helps your kids to understand the genealogy of your family as well as the relationship between the family members. If you are looking for a beautiful, fancy and easy family tree design to build it in your kids scrapbook, then this video may very helpful for you to create a pretty family tree. This family tree design and the method to create it is so simple that your kids can easily make it without or with little help of yours. You can print step by step instructions to make this family tree at If you need any help at any step to create this family tree, write me in comment area below. See other easy craft ideas at ekunji channel: ---------------------------------------------- Watch this video in Hindi at: ---------------------------------------------- Subscribe us at Youtube at: Website: Facebook Page: Google+ : ---------------------------------------------- Background Music Title : Get Outside Music Source : YouTube Audio Library ( Music Artist : Jason Famham Genere : Pop ----------------------------------------------

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