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  • The process of carrying out development activities along with preservation and protection of environment is called

    Nature- unfriendly Development
    Sustainable Development
    Unsustainable Development
  • Sustainable Development helps to

    Degrade the environment
    Imbalance the ecosystem
    Balance the environment
    Balance the developmental activities
  • Sustainable Development minimizes the

    Protection of ecosystem
    Conservation of Environment
    Conservation of Wildlife
    Degradation of Environment
  • The development activities which have the least negative effects on the environment are called

    Nature- friendly development
    Unsustainable development
    Eco- unfriendly development
  • Which of the following things should be considered while making nature friendly development?

    Conservation of air
    Pollution of water resources
    Pollution of land
    Destruction of forests and wildlife
  • which one of these are the effort that has been done on sustainable devlopment in Nepal?

    Lack of awarness programmes
    Improper management of industries
    Environmental pollution
    Afforestation and forest devlopment
  • Sustainable devlopment doesn't concern with

    Conservation of water
    Conservation of garbage
    Conservation of land
    Conservation of air
  • EEE stands for

    Evaluation of economical effects
    Evaluation of environmental effects
    Evaluation of
    Evaluation of element effects
  • Sustainable devlopment control exploitation of

    Natural resources
  • Bio-fuel is a mixture of petrol and 20%

  • The principle for solid waste management is

  • Which one of these is not important for sustainable devlopment?

    conservation of water,land,air and wildlife
    Long lasting availability of natural resources for all
    Improvement in politics
    Improvement of living standered of human beings
  • The government is conserving forest and wildlife by establishing

    Amusement parks
    Cinema halls
    National parks
  • Exessive use of chemical fertilizers and insecticides is causing

    Conservation of land
    Increase fertility power of land
    Environmental imbalance
    Balance in environment
  • One of the important thing that must be kept in mind to make devlopment activities eco-friendly is

    Conservation of land
    conservation of water
    Conversation of air
    All of them
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