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  • One joule is the amount of work done when ______.

    one newton force covers distance of 2 m
    none of these
    one newton force covers a distance of 1 m
    one newton force does not covers any distance
  • Energy is defined as ______.

    the amount of work
    the rate of doing work
    the average rate of work
    the capacity to do work
  • Which statement is true for electrical energy?

    It is the energy associated with neutrons and protons
    It is the energy possessed by a body due to its motion
    It is a form of energy created by the movement of electrons
    It is a form of energy produced by vibrations
  • A rubber band zinged from your finger has ______.

    kinetic nergy
    chemical energy
    potential energy
    heat energy
  • Which of the following are the types of energy?

    mechanical energy
    electrical energy
    heat energy
    all the answers are correct
  • Kinetic and Potential energies are common forms of ______.

    electrical energy
    mechanical energy
    nuclear energy
    heat energy
  • The energy possessed by the moving object is _______.

    mechanical energy
    heat energy
    electrical energy
    kinetic energy
  • Kinetic energy of a body depends on ______.

    height raised from the ground
    none of the answers are right
    mass of the body
    acceleration due to gravity
  • If the velocity of the body is doubled, then the kinetic energy of the body ______.

    increases four times the original
    increases thrice the original
    increases twice the original
    does not increase at all
  • Which one of the following  is the use of kinetic energy?

    use of hammer to push the nail into the wood.
    penetration of the bullet into the target.
    all of the answers are right.
    use of running water to run the water mills.
  • Energy possessed by a body by the virtue of its position or configuration is called ______.

    potential energy
    heat energy
    mechanical energy
    electrical energy
  • Which of the following examples has stored potential energy within it?

    a coiled spring
    all the answers are correct
    a stretched rubber band
    a brick raised to a certain height
  • As we carry a brick upwards the potential energy of that brick increases because _______.

    all the answers are correct
    the mass of the brick increases
    the acceleration due to gravity increases
    the distance from the ground increases
  • A 5 kg rock and a 10 kg rock are dropped from a height of 10 m. Which of the following statements describes what happens to the potential energy of the rocks?

    Both rocks lose the same amount of potential energy because they fall from the same height.
    The 10 kg rock loses more potential energy than the 5 kg rock because the 10 kg rock has more mass
    The 10 kg rock loses more potential energy than the 5 kg rock because the 10 kg rock falls faster.
    Neither rock loses potential energy because no work is done on the rocks.
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