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  • Nalapani was known by the name of 

    None of the avove
  • At the escape of the English force at the defeat who sent a letter to Kathmandu with a request for more army help

    Balbhadra Kunwar
    Amarshing thapa
    Bhimsen thapa
    None of the avove
  • During the second attack on the Khalanga fort,  Nepalese army force was responding with

    bricks and stones
    None of the avove
  • Who was the deputed in charge of Nalapani during the Anglo-Nepal War?

    Ranabir Singh Thapa
    Ujirsingh Thapa
    Bam Shah
    Bir Balbhadra Kunwar
  • How did the English enemies made the few remaining Nepali forces to quit the fort?

    Cutting off the supply of water to the fort
    Fierce gun firing
  • Why did the English force erect a memorial stone in a name of Balbhadra Kunwar?

    Was a satire for his loss
    Wanted him to join English force
    Stunned at bravery and dedication
    All of the above
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