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  • Who had divided people into different castes as per their occupations?

    King Mandev
    King Amshuverma
    King Prakash Malla
    King Jayasthiti Malla
  • Who established about 150 schools throughout the country?

    Diamond Shumsher
    Dev Shumsher
    King Prakash Malla
    Juddha Shumsher
  • When was the Muluki Ain amended?

    1921 BS
    1822 BS
    2023 BS
    2020 BS
  • When was the Interim Constitution promulgated?

    1st Magh 2063 BS
    2nd Magh 2003 BS
    4th Magh 1998 BS
    3rd Magh 2007 BS
  • What is the fullform of DANIDA?

    Danish Internal Development Agency
    Danish International Design Agency
    Danish International Development Agency
    Danish International Development Association
  • What is the fullform of UNHCR?

    United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
    Universal Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
    United Nations Huge Community for Refugees
    United Network High Commissioner for Refugees
  • King Jayasthiti Malla divided people into different caste as their occupation with his code called

    Muluki Ain
  • Which is the first law of the land in Nepal?

    Judicial system
    Muluki Ain
  • In the year ______ ,with amendment of muluki Ain, the state ensured that everyone was equal in law, punishment by nature of crime and not by caste, religion, age, or sex.

    2031 BS
    2030 BS
    2021 BS
    2020 BS
  • When was Nepal declared as a secular state?

    5th Jyestha 2063
    13th Jyestha 2063
    6th Jyestha 2063
    4th Jyestha 2063
  • On ______ has given institutional recognition to aspirations of the state for social reformation?

    4th Magh 2063 BS
    1st Magh 2063 BS
    3rd Magh 2063 BS
    13th Magh 2063 BS
  • On 1st Magh 2063 BS what has been legalized?

    Old age marriage to young girls
  • What is the act of giving money, etc to somebody to get them to support you in a dishonest way called?

    Capital punishment
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