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  • People of ______ are involved in horticulture and farming.

    hilly region
    both mountain and Terai region
    mountain region
    Terai region
  • Importance of bio-diversity is ______.

    all the options are correct
    agricultural production
    plant production
    animal production
  • Tiger, Rhinoceros, Deer, Peacock, Crane, etc. are the animals and birds found in ______.

    Terai and mountain region
    mountain Region
    Terai Region
    hill Region
  • Goat, antelope, wild boar, snow leopard, danphe, etc. are the main animals found in ______.

    mountain Region
    hill Region
    Terai Region
    autonomous region
  • Gene is a heredity character of ______.

    human beings
    living beings
    non-living beings
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