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  • A collection of system program that together controls the operations of computer system is ______.

    an application system
    a software system
    an operating system
    a dataentry system
  • What is the fullform of GUI?

    Graphical Unicode Interface
    Grand User Interface
    Graphical User Intelligence
    Graphical User Interface
  • Which interface is based on command user interface mode and instructions are given using characters?

    both CUI AND GUI
    Graphical User Interface(GUI)
    Windows OS
    Command based User Interface(CUI)
  • MS-DOS stands for ______.

    Microsoft Director Operating System
    Microsoft Disk Operating System
    Microsoft Director Operating System
    Microsoft Disk Oriented System
  • What is the name of the operating system for the laptop computer called MacLite?

    all answers are correct
  • What is operating system?

    Program that translates data that specifies network program use.
    All the answers are correct.
    A connection between sender and receiver.
    Program that povides organized services.
  • What statement is true for Standalone OS?

    Used for desktop application.
    Multi-user andime sharing operating system.
    None of answers are correct.
    Program that provides organized services.
  • What is network OS?

    System used for desktop application
    Program that provides organized services.
    Multi-user and line sharing operating system.
    All of the answers are correct.
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