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  • Which one of them caused by type B hepatitis virus?

    Hepatitis A
    Hepatitis D
    Hepatitis C
    Hepatitis B
  • Which disease is known as 'Silent Killer'?

    Hepatitis C
    Hepatitis B
    Hepatitis D
    Hepatitis A
  • Which one of them mainly affects heart, liver and brain?

    Hepatitis C
    Hepatitis B
  • AIDS is caused by virus called ______.

    retro virus
    paramyxo virus
    type B hepatitis virus (HBV)
    rhino virus
  • The viral hepatitis can be divided into ______.

    five groups
    nine groups
    seven groups
    three groups
  • Gonorrhoea is caused by ______.

    Human Immuno-deficiency Virus
    type B hepatitis virus
    Nigeria Gonococcus
    Neisseria Gonococcus
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