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  • Which one of them is not a social evil?

    Drinking alcohol
    Drug trafficking
    Girl trafficking
  • Deuki system is mostly prevalent in ______.

    Western Development Region
    Far-Western Development Region
    Mid-Western Development Region
    Central Development Region
  • Social problem is not the result of ______.

  • Maiti Nepal is working for ______.

    low class people
    senior citizen
    disabled people
  • Dowry may not be a big problem to ______.

    upper caste people
    lower class people
    lower caste people
    upper class people
  • Which problem is created by anti-social elements?

  • Which problem is created by bad-customs?

  • What happens to girls who get tricked into going abroad for good job or marriage?

    They are dead.
    They are sold to brothel.
    They become rich.
    They live a good life.
  • Why do we follow bad customs such as dowry and deuki?

    It gives people great satisfaction and joy
    It profits people to do so
    No reason - we follow it blindly
    It is legally required to do so
  • What  is a Deuki Pratha ?

    A girl who does puja in temple
    A girl who is offered to gods
    A girl who is worshipped as God
    A girl who worshipped god.
  • Where is Deuki custom prevailing?

    Seti and Mahakali
    Mid-western region
  • What does dowry result for the girl's parents?

    It makes them poor or in debt
    It makes look as responsible parents
    It makes them rich
    It increases their social prestige
  • What is not a cause of bad customs?

    Blind faith in religion
    Natural disaster
    Social compulsion
  • What is one of the solutions to social evils?

    Moral education
    Distribute money to all
    Ask foreign aid
    Conduct a scientific experiment
  • Which does not contribute to end social evils?

    Rural Development Committee
    District Development Committee
    Village Development Committee
  • What is social evil?

    Activities that increases quality of life
    Activities that harm the good social tradition
    Activities that give us enjoyment
    Activities that develop nation
  • Why should we preserve our original culture?

    because we have only one culture
    Because our culture is very fun
    Because it is handed down by our parents
    Because our culture is our identity
  • What is the negative result of embracing foreign practices?

    Environment is getting polluted.
    We are losing sense of hospitality to guests and respect to elde.
    Politicians are getting more corrupt.
    People are not getting employment.
  • What is one of the solutions to social evils?

    Distribute money to all
    Moral education
    Conduct a scientific experiment
    Ask foreign aid
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