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  • Which of the following triangles are always similar?

    Similar triangles
    Right triangles
    Equilateral triangles
    Isosceles triangles
  • The sides of a triangle are 5cm, 6cm and 10cm.Find the length of the longest side of a similar triangle whose shortest side is 15cm.

  • Calculate the height of a building that casts a shadow of 6.5 meters if at the same time and in the same place a pole of 4.5m in height produces a shadow of 0.9m.

  • The legs of a right angled triangle measure 24cm and 10cm.What is the length of the legs of a similar triangle to this one whose hypotenuse is 52cm?

     25cm, 50cm
     22cm, 45cm
     20cm, 48cm
     22cm, 45cm
  • The given triangle ABC and triangle DEF are pair of Congruent triangles. Find the value of x.


  • By which postulate, the given two triangles ABC and DEF are congruent? Which is the corresponding sides of AC?


    SSS Theorem, EF
    ASA Theorem, EF
    SAS postulate, EF.
    AAS Theorem, EF
  • In the given figure, if triangle PQR is congruent to triangle XYZ, find the value of two unknown angles and the value of y.


    (angle)Q= 60o, (angle)X= 55o, Y= 5cm
    (angle)Q=30o, (angle)X=45o, Y=8cm
    (angle)Q=60o, (angle)X=45o, Y=7cm
    (angle)Q=45o, (angle)X=60o, Y= 6cm
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