• Tax is a ______ of a person or an organization to the state or government.

  • “Taxation is the compulsory payment made by a person or organization to the government to meet the expenses incurred in the common interest of the people and nation without getting any special benefit.” Who gave this definition?

    Taylor Shirley
    Giilspie and Lewis
    M.N. Mishra
  • Which one of them is the objective of taxation?

    To increase the employment, saving and investment of the country
    To control the production of specific goods
    All the options are correct
    To minimize regional disparity
  • A tax which is collected directly from the individuals and organizations on the basis of their incomes and properties is known as ______.

    import duty
    export duty
    indirect tax
    direct tax
  • A tax which is levied while manufacturing or selling or consuming goods and services is known as ______.

    custom duty
    value added tax
    import duty
    excise duty
  • The tax which is imposed by the local government like Village Development Committee, Municipality, Metropolitan City and District Development Committee is known as ______.

    local tax
    custom duty
    value added tax
    excise duty
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