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  • The office chief, special chiefs and assistance that carry out all the administrative as well as clerical functions jointly to achieve the objectives of an organization refers to _____.

    social workers
    office personnel
  • The process of recruiting, selecting, training and placing the employees to the jobs to which they are best fitted is called ______.

    Event Coordinator
    developing office
    utilizing office resources
    personnel management
  • "The office personnel refer to all the examples of the office comprising the chief, sectional chiefs and assistants who jointly work for the attainment of the organizational goals". Who gave this definition of office personnel?

    A.N. Agrawala
    Lewis and Gillispe
    Michael Russell
  • Which one of them is the function of office chief?

    Evaluating the performance of the staff and departments.
    Preparing long term and short terms plans and policies of the organization.
    Al the options are correct
    Setting objectives of the organization.
  • Which one of them is the function of sectional chief?

    All the options are correct
    Reporting the performance, problem and achievement of the department to the office chief.
    Preparing departmental plans and policies for achieving departmental objectives.
    Setting the departmental objectives in conformity with the organizational objectives.
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