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  • Nepal democratic party was established in

    2055 B.S.
    2064 B.S.
    2065 B.S.
    2063 B.S.
  • For how many days did Loktantra party continuously launched the revolutionary movements against the direct rule of King Gyanendra?

    15 days
    19 days
    25 days
    45 days
  • Nepalese people were able to get Loktranta on

    11th Baisakh 2063 B.S.
    11th Bhadra 2064 B.S.
    11th Baisakh 2065 B.S.
    1st Baisakh 2065 B.S.
  • Praja Parishad that was established on

    20th Jestha 1983 B.S.
    20th Jestha 1993 B.S.
    20th Jestha 1994 B.S.
    2nd Jestha 1990 B.S.
  • The political system in which various political parties are recognized by the state is called:

    Singleparty system
    Multiparty system
    Competitive multiparty system
    Loktantra system
  • Which is the biggest political party of Nepal?

    Madhesi People's Right Forum
    Nepali Congress
  • According to the present interim constitution of Nepal, what are the conditions need to be fulfilled to open a political party?

    In the rules of political party, there should be the provision of election of the members of all level atleast once within every 5 years.
    Rules and regulations should be democratic.
    The members from women, Dalit and unprevileged communities should be included in the executive committees of different level.
    All of the given.
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