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  • Any business activity that is connected with production, manufacture and construction of goods and services is called ______.

  • When was industry first established?

    1978 BS
    1879 BS
    1936 BS
    1780 BS
  • Which one is not the problem of industrial development?

    lack of market
    poor infrastructure
    lack of protection
    capital sufficiency
  • Large-scale industry needs capital ______

    Less than 50 million
    50-150 million
    over 150 million rupees.
    upto 50 million
  • The labour-oriented industries which are based on local raw materials, and rural technology and related to national tradition, art and culture are called ______.

    cottage industries
    large-scale industries
    medium-scale industries
    small-scale industries
  • The industries which have fixed capital of up to 10 million to run are called ______.

    medium-scale industries
    cottage industries
    small-scale industries
    large-scale industries
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