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  • When was Bir Hospital founded?

    1947 BS
    1937 BS
    2007 BS
    1974 BS
  • What factor doesn't cause direct degradation in health?

    Sewage and rotten things in street
    Smoke from factory and Vehicles
    Cigarette and tobacco
  • What is not a quality of healthy people?

    Relying on other people to take care of them
    Can carry out development work
    Can do creative work for society
    Can work and earn
  • How did people stay in good health before 2007 BS when they lacked modern healthcare?

    Dhami provided good medical service
    There was less pollution, people worked in fields and ate healthy and used medicinal herbs
    They had higher immunity at that time
    They worshiped a lot of gods whose blessings kept them healthy
  • What has changed with modern time that is causing serious health problem in people?

    They eat junk food
    People are getting lazy
    Too much population growth
    Too much environmental pollution
  • Why is the available health service not sufficient?

    People choose to go to Dhami/Jhakri instead of doctor.
    There is too much pollution causing too much health problem.
    There aren't enough hospitals, doctor and medicines in the nation.
    All people migrated to city, thus putting more pressure to health services.
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