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  • The full form of NGO is ______.

    Non-Governmental Organization
    Non-Governance Organization
    Nepal-Governmental Organization
    Non-Global Organization
  • The full form of NATA is ______.

    Nepal Anti Tuberculosis Association
    Nepal Anti Tuberculosis Active
    Nepal Anti Tonsils Association
    National Anti Tuberculosis Association
  • The full form of DOTS is ______.

    Dominant Observed Treatment Short-course
    Directly Opportunized Treatment Short-course
    Directly Observed Treatment Sheet-course
    Directly Observed Treatment Short-course
  • The full form of FPAN is ______.

    Federation Planning Association of Nepal
    Family Planning Association of Nation
    Family Planning Association of Nepal
    Family Promotion Association of Nepal
  • Paropakar Adarsha Secondary School was establish in ______.

    1863 AD
    1954 AD
    1962 AD
    1922 AD
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