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  • The use of tobacco in the form of smoke is called ______.

    drug abuse
  • Which one of them is not the cause of smoking?

    Adopting smoking as a fashion of modernization
    To reduce mental tension
    Blindly imitating friends or by their pressure
    Controlled production on tobacco products
  • Which one of them is not the short-term effects of smoking?

    Pleasant breathing
    Irritation in throat
    High BP
    Dizziness and nausea
  • Which one of them is not the preventive measures of smoking?

    Avoid friendship to bad mates who smoke.
    Parents should demonstrate healthy practices by not smoking.
    Help to declare public places as  smoking zone
    Awareness campaigns emphasizing on the danger and consequences of smoking
  • Which one of them is not the long-term effects of smoking?

    May cause blindness by damaging optic nerve
    Pallor in teeth, skin, finger, etc. due to nicotine
    High BP and heat movement, frequent irritation and temper
    No possibility of heart attack and lung cancer
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