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  • When did Piskar Assassination take place?

    2036 BS
    2029 BS
    2028 BS
    2040 BS
  • Satyagraha movement was launched by Nepali Congress on

    2042 BS
    2028 BS
    2040 BS
    2037 BS
  • A united mass movement I was declared on

    8th Magh 2048 BS
    12th Jyeshta 2046 BS
    1st Baishak 2036 BS
    7th Falgun 2046 BS
  • When did mass movement I end?

    12th Chaitra 2040 BS
    26th Chaitra 2046 BS
    25th Jyeshta 2042 BS
    28th Magh 2036 BS
  • Which one of them is the cause of mass movement I?

    High political suppression
    Corruption, smuggling an other criminal activities were decreasing in the country
    Nepalese people liked Panchayat System
    Fundamental rights were granted to the people
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