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  • The distribution of the population according to the characteristics such as age, sex, marital status, socio-economic status (caste, religion, language, occupation, etc.) and so on is called ______.

    separation of population
    distribution of population
    composition of population
  • The composition of population of a certain age group in a certain place or region is called ______.

    composition of population by sex
    composition of population by caste
    composition of population by occupation
    composition of population by age
  • The population of age groups of 15-59 years is considered ______.

    physically active
    economically inactive
    mentally active
    economically active
  • The inactive population within the age groups of 0 to 14 years and over 59 are all considered to be ______.

    self sufficient
  • The group of population which is economically active and can be involved in any income generating activity is called ______.

    active population
    reliant population
    dependent population
    inactive population
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