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  • Which climatic zone is also known as Mediterranean region?

    Temperate Zone
    All the answers are correct
    Tropical Zone
    Frigid Zone
  • The annual rainfall of Temperate Zone ranges between

    80 cm 85 cm
    30 cm to 40 cm
    65 cm to 70 cm
    50 cm to 60 cm
  • Temperate Zone is also known as

    Garden of the world
    Wonders of the world
    Beauty of the world
    Zoo of the world
  • Where is Mediterranean Climate Region located?

    100 to 400  north and south of equator
    00 to 400 north and south of equator
    100 to 200 north and south of equator
    300 to 400  north and south of equator
  • What is the average temperature in Mediterranean Climate during summer

  • Which region produces over 65% of the world's total output of wine?

    Equatorial Region
    The temperate Grassland
    Savana Region
    Mediterranean Region
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