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  • Rana's were also called______

    Shree Teen Maharaj
    Shree Ek Maharaj
    None of the avove
    Shree Panch Maharaj
  • Who was a puppet in the hand of Jung Bahadur

    King Dhirendra
    King Surendra
    King Birendra
    King Mahendra
  • Who made Jung Bahadur the King of Lamjung and Kaski (Shree Teen Maharaj).

    King Surendra
    None of the avove
    Rajendra Bikram Shah
    Sanaksingh Shah
  • Jung Bahadur Rana married Prime Minister Fattejung Shah's sister 

    Purna Kumari
    Hira Kumari
    Hiranyagarva Kumari
    Rajya Laxmi
  • Which circumstances had led to rise of Rana Regime?

    Support of East India Company
    Three Parvas(Kot Massacre,Bhandarkhal Event and Alau Event)
    Political instability
    All the answers are correct
  • The Rana's rule in Nepal was from

    1903-2007 BS
    1904-2007 BS
    1903-2008 BS
    1904-2009 BS
  • What helped in the rise of Jung Bahadur Rana's power?

    Rana Autocracy
    Nepali's contribution
    Anglo-Nepal War
    Bhandarkhal Event and Alau Event
  • Jung Bahadur was made the king of Lamjung and Kaski on

    13th Shrawan, 1913
    23th Shrawan, 1913
    24th Shrawan, 1913
    24th Shrawan, 1914
  • How was Jung Bahadur able to get appointed in the post of the commander chief?

    He bribed people support him
    He gained the trust of junior queens and killed some of his enemies
    All of the above
    He killed the commander chief
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