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  • All voluntary, civic and social organizations and institutions is collectively called

    Civil Service
    Civil Engineering
    Civil Servant
    Civil Society
  • According to whom  civil society facilitated better awareness and more accountable as a result.

    Martin Luther King
    Margaret Thacher
    Gabriel Almond and Sidney Verba
    Isaac Asimov
  • What is a fullform of NGO?

    Non-Governmental Organisation
    Non-Gaining Organisation
    National-Governmental Organisation
    Non-Governmental Orientation
  • The term ______ Collectively refers to all voluntary, civil and social organizations.

    Civil society
    Community organizations
  • The role of civil society is vital in

    Good governance and democratic practices
    Decision making and implementations
    Aware and responsive
    Interest and concerns
  • The process of decision making and implements must be

    Socio-cultural and evil
    Dishonest and delay
    Fair and transparent
    Government decisions and actions
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