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  • Which of the following is not developed in Nepal?

    air ways
    road ways
    rail ways
    water ways
  • Which of the following is not an aim of 3-year interim plan?

    To apply clear policy regarding road security
    To carry out feasibility studies of waterways.
    To construct water ways by destroying road ways
    To give responsibility of construction and maintenance of local roads to the local bodies.
  • In which zone there is the wrost condition of road ways?

  • Only rope way of Nepal is in

  • The most suited transport for Nepal is

    Road transport
    Air transport
    Water transport
  • The most suited transport for Nepal is Road transport because of

    Airways are costly
    None of the above
    Mountainous topography and landlocked position
    Water transport pollutes water
  • Transport system is important because

    Local products finds market.
    Industries get their raw and agricultural materials.
    Travel great distances in a short time.
    All of the above
  • One of the major transportation problems is

    Advanced system
    Tradition and culture
    Periodic repair
    Mountainous topography
  • One of the most important factors to improve transportation system in Nepal is

    Foreign employment
    Socio-economic development
    Air transportation
    Improvement in capital and technology
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