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  • Which of the following perspectives takes the strongest stance in support of sustainability?

    Deep ecology
    Free market
  • Which of the following statements is correct?

    Sustainable development is concerned solely with economic issues.
    Sustainable development implies that economic growth will have to become negative.
    Sustainable development is not necessarily incompatible with economic growth.
    Sustainable development is another name for economic growth.
  • The term sustainable development was first used in 1980 by

    World Conservation Strategy
    World wide fund
    United Nation organisation
    World Environmental Organisation
  • The development in which not only the people but natural resources is taken care of as well is called ______.

    women development
    world development
    sustainable development
    health development
  • One of the important aspects of sustainable development is

    Economic development
    Women development
    Health development
    Cultural development
  • The concept of sustainable development emerged in the

    late 20th century
    Early 20th century
    20th century
    Late 20th century
  • Sustainable development

    Conserves nature only
    Develops only
    Develops people
    develops nation while conserving nature
  • The main obstacle of sustainable development is because of

    Waste of time and money
    Developmental issues
    Less natural resources
  • The obstacles of sustainable development can be reduced by

    Stopping development
    Reducing development activities
    Creating new jobs
    Using alternative energy
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