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  • The CLS statement _______.

    used to instruct the user to enter data
    to enter data
    all of the answers are correct
    is used for clearing the screen.
  • Which of the following is not the advantages of Qbasic?

    It is not suitable for mathematical and business application
    Program development cycle is quick, debugging is simple
    It is available almost in every computer from micro to mainframe
    Modification of program is quite easy.
  • The IF__ THEN Statements ______.

    is used to re-direct a statement
    is transfer of control
    is used to eliminates the need for prompting each INPUT statement
    is a conditional branch statement
  • QBASIC does not distinguish between an ______ .

    string variable
    numeric constant
    integer and fraction
    numeric variable
  • The LET statement in BASIC ______.

    checks the errors within the code
    allows the user to enter data into the computer from outside the programme during programme execution
    none of the answers are correct
    allows us to assign a value to a variable
  • A quantity in a computer program which does not change its value during the execution of the program is called ______ .

    character set
  • The symbol '^' is used to denote ______.

    none of the answers are correct
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