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  • ________are factors shoud be considered for selection of an appropriate office building.

    The security of the records and the staffs should be considered.
    The facilities lighting,ventilation,water system,free from dust,noise etc
    Flexibility to append additional floor for future expanion and required.
  • The space planning for an office is called___________.

    Office Building
    Office accomodation
    Office layout
    Office Location
  • According to___________,"Office layout refers to the management of work stations in the space involved."

    Hicks and place
    James Stephenson
    Keith Davis
    J.C Denyer
  • ____________are the objectives of office layout.

    To ensure smooth flow of work
    To provide safety,security and privacy of the employee.
    To create good working environment
  • __________are the principles of office layout.

    Principles of flow of work
    Principles of flexibility
    Principle of movement
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