• This unusual behavior of water from 0 degree Celsius to 4 degree Celsius is known as ______.

    anamolous expansion of water
    anamolous contraction of water
    none of above
    different behaviour
  • At 4 degree Celsius, water has ______.

    minimum density and maximum volume.
    minimum density
    maximum volume.
    minimum volume and maximum density.
  • In cold countries, water pipes expand due to _______.

    anamolous expansion of water
    freezing point
    different behaviour
    anamolous contraction of water
  • What is the density of water at 40C?

    1000 kg per cubic meter
    200 kg per cubic meter
    3000 kg per cubic meter
    999.702 kg per cubic meter
  • The unusual behaviour of water that expands on cooling from 40C to 00C is called ______.

    anomalous expansion of water
    misbehaviour of water
    anomalous expansion of mercury
    anomalous contraction of water
  • When water at 00C is heated, its volume goes on decreasing upto _______.

    10 degree celcius
    5 degree celcius
    8 degree celcius
    4 degree celcius
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