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  • Gorkha attacked on kiritpur for the second time in_______________.

    May 1823 B.S
    August 1467
  • The brother of PN shah,Surpratap Shah had lo lose his____________during battle.

    left hand
    Left leg
    Right hand
  • The Gorkhali troops attacked kantipur on_____________when king of kantipur was celebrating Indra jatra festival.

    9th Ashar 1901 B.S
    15th Mangsir 1873 B.S
  • The Gorkhali troops arrested Digbandhan Sen,the king of Makwanpur on February ______________.

    18th,1902 A.D
    5th ,1672 A.D
  • The Gorkhali invaded Bhadgawon on_______and got triumph over it.

    7th Baisakh 1772 B.S
    5th Magh 1887 B.S
    12th poush 1901 B.S
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