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  • What is the measure to establish peace and security in the country?

    Culture of mutual understanding
    Society with exploitation
    All of the given
    society without discrimination
  • What is the advantage of peace?

    The pace of developmental activities will be slow
    People have o live in fear
    People feel secure
    Political instability may take place.
  • What is the disadvantage of conflict?

    People have to live in fear
    People feel secure
    Good governance may possible
    Industry, trade can function smoothly
  • What is the role of the civil society to maintain peace and security in the society?

    Civil society sensitized the political parties to run their program in peaceful manner.
    Create awareness for the proper use of fundamental rights to the people.
    Create pressure to the government to maintain peace
    All of the given
  • A state or period in which there is no war or war has ended is called

    none of the options are correct
  • Peace is very essential for_______

    Only animals
    No one
    Only Plants
  • Everyone loves to be in_________

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