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  • A written form of communication which formalizes all the official activities of an organization is called

  • Which is not a need and importance of correspondence?

    provides written records
    enhances goodwill
    exchanges information
    does not provide evidence
  • Which one of them is an objective of correspondence?

    To neglect present and attract potential customers and to promote.
    To prolong the misunderstanding and disputes regarding different matters of the organization by providing written evidence.
    To destroy permanent records of important activities regarding activities the transactions, contracts, contracts, agreement made and decisions taken.
    To provide the valuable information to the concerned parties at the time of necessity.
  • Handling mails is creative and changeling functions to be performed by ______.

    an office chief
    an office assistant
    a sectional chief
    a personal assistant
  • An effective letter is a strong tool for _____.

    changing the attitude of people
    all the options are correct
    maintaining and developing good relations withthe people
    motivating people
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