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  • natural fiber is defined as

    both a and c
    The fibres that are made by artificial methods
    The complex organic molecules which are made by repeating the same or different types of many simple organic molecule
    The fibres which are obtained from naturally occurring sources
  • When was second world war started?

    2nd september, 1943 A.D.
    2nd october,1940 A.D.
    1st September 1939 A.D
    1st october, 1938 A.D.
  • Which of them is not the causes of second world war?

    Treaty of Versailles
    Rise of communism
    Economic crisis and rise of dictators
  • When did second world war end ?

    1948 A.D.
    1949 A.D
    1945 A.D
    1946 A.D
  • World War II began when Germany invaded

  • When Soviet soldiers moved back from the Germany army they

    left the Germans all of their weapons
    burned everything behind them
    burned down important houses
    killed lot of civilians
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