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  • How much litres of water does Melamchi Drinking Water Project aim to distribute to the people of valley after the completion of the project?

    20 crore
    17 crore
    12 crore
    10 crore
  • The first phase of 15 years long project of Secondary Education Support Program was conducted from

    2003 to 2012 A.D
    2006 to 2010 A.D
    2003 to 2008 A.D
    2004 to 2008 A.D
  • How many mobile phones does Mobile Phone Distribution Project aim to distribute to the people of the country within 3 years?

    40 lakhs
    43 lakhs
    38 lakhs
    33 lakhs
  • According to Solar Lamp Distribution, what facility will each family get?

    One electric bulb and one lamp
    Two electric bulbs and lamp
    One electric bulb and one T.V
    Two electric bulbs
  • After the completion of Melamchi Drinking Water Project, how much litre of water will be supplied daily?

    18 crore
    20 crore
    15 crore
    17 crore
  • Which organization is funding for Secondary Education Assistance Programme?

    DANIDA(Danish International Development Agency)
    Maiti Nepal
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