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  • The shaking or jerking motion of the earth s surface vertically or horizontally is called

  • The point inside the earth where the earthquake originates is

    eartho center
    circum center
    hypo center
    epi center
  • The point on the earth's surface that is vertically above the hypocenter is called?

    hypo center
    epi center
    circum center
    eartho center
  • The instrument that measures the intensity, origin and speed of the quake is called

    rector scale
  • What are the effects of the earthquake?

    Houses and bridges collapse taking the lives of many people.
    Epidemics disease may spread.
    All of the given.
    People die of hunger and starving.
  • What safety measures should be taken to be safe and secure during earthquake?

    None of the given.
    We should lock the doors and remain inside our house.
    Should run and save our life during the time of earthquake.
    We shouldnot hide under the table.
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