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  • The Tripartite agreement between Congress, Rana and Tribhuvan signed history agreement is called

    Dhaka Agreement
    Beijing Agreement
    Kathmandu Agreement
    Delhi Agreement
  • According to Delhi Agreement, who shall be the king of Nepal?

    King Mahendra
    King Birendra
    King Tribhuwan
    King Gyanendra
  • The leader of the United Fundy against Rana regime was

    KI Singh
    Ranodip Singh
    Bhim Dutta Panta
    Tulsi Giri?
  • The record of past social, political, economical, cultural, activities of past people is known as

  • When did King Tribhuvan return to Kathmandu from Delhi agreement?

    Falgun 4, 2007 BS
    Falgun 4, 2017 BS
    Falgun 1, 2001 BS
    Magh 4, 2007 BS
  • Bhim Dutta Panta was killed in Dadeldhura in

    2011 BS
    2040 BS
    2023 BS
    2014 BS
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