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  • A particular point in the space is called ______.

    Light year
    Astronomical unit
  • Which of the follwing is true?

    Distance Travelled = Speed / Time
    Acceleration = Speed/Time
    Distance Travelled = Speed × Time
    Acceleration = Speed × Time
  • The time interval between the consecutive passages of the sun through zenith is ______.

    Solar Day
    Astronomical Unit
    Blue Moon Day
    Lunar Day
  • The time which is taken by the earth to revolve once around the sun is called ______.

    300 days
    1 century
    One Year
    6 months
  • Which one of the following is most precise clock?

    Quantum clock
    Analog clock
    Mechanical clock
    Digital clock
  • Large distances such as the distance between the earth and the moon etc. are measured in ______.

    Light year
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