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Alcoholism is the habit of taking beer, wine, whiskey, rum etc. It is traditionally practised social culture in some communities of Nepal. People take alcohol in the name of religion, feasts, festivals, parties and many other gatherings. It contains harmful chemical called ‘ethanol’.

Causes of alcoholism

  1. For amusement among friends in gathering
  2. Attraction created by advertisement
  3. For energy and stamina
  4. As a culture
  5. Peer pressure

Effects of alcoholism

Immediate effects

  1. Activities of drunkards are beyond control and thinking
  2. Loss of physical balance and possibility of accident
  3. Lethargic body
  4. Mumbled speaking, staggered walking
  5. Unnecessary discussion with family members and friends on trivial matters
  6. Involvement in sexual crime
  7. Over drinking may lead to death
  8. Road traffic accident (RTA)

Long-term effects

  1. Gastritis due to the infection in intestine
  2. Bleeding in stomach due to ulcer
  3. No social prestige
  4. Cancer in various parts
  5. Over alcoholism leads to malnutrition
  6. It may make people bankrupt.
  7. High BP, heart attacks and strokes
  8. Quarrelsome and broken family
  9. Mental state becomes weak.
  10. Decrease in fertility power of both man and woman.

Preventive measures

  1. Awareness campaigns about the ill effects and bad consequences of alcoholism should be launched.
  2. Avoid those friends who consume alcohol.
  3. Advertisement of alcoholic products in media should be discouraged, if possible banned.
  4. People should be warned that alcoholism is a disease.
  5. The distribution pattern of alcoholic beverage should be controlled.
  6. Say ‘No’ to alcoholic consumption.
  7. Establishment of alcohol rehabilitation centre

  • Alcoholism is the habit of taking beer, wine, whiskey, rum etc.
  • Alcohol is consumed for amusement among friends in gathering.
  • Alcohol contains harmful chemical called ‘ethanol’.
  • Awareness campaigns about the ill effects and bad consequences of alcoholism should be launched.

Questions and Answers

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Ethanol is the chemical that is found in alcoholic drinks.

Alcoholism has several short-term and long- term effects as follows:
Short term effects:

  1. Lack of control in thinking and behaviors
  2. Loss of control in walking and speaking
  3. Quarrel in family and society
  4. Immediate death, if drinking is too high
  5. Loss of money and time
Long –term effects:
  1. Intestinal gastritis
  2. Nerve and brain damage
  3. Bankruptcy
  4. Ulcer in stomach
  5. High blood pressure
Preventive measures:
  1. Avoid bad company
  2. Modify cultural practices of drinking and celebrating
  3. Limit production and sale of alcohol products
  4. Spread health education
  5. Create hygienic recreational opportunities
  6. Ban advertising on mass media

Generally, in our locality, we have accepted to drink alcohol in different ceremonies in newar culture. First, the people used to take a little amount of alcohol to continue their culture and tradition. But slowly, they started to increase the amount of alcohol that they drink in different ceremonies. So, we find many people being drunkards during different ceremonies in newar culture. People make their children drink alcohol from small ages for continuing their tradition. So, this increases the rate of taking alcohol. For stopping or reducing these activities, we need to bring awareness about the adverse effects of alcohol in such community people. We should discourage them to make children drunkards. We should reduce the amount of alcohol to be used in different ceremonies. If possible, we should remove alcohol from food types. Instead of that, other juices or beverages can be used. But, as we can't change our culture, we need to reduce the amount of alcohol in our ceremonies anyway.

  • The harmful element found in alcohol that adversely effects our body is ______.

  • Which one of the following is not the cause of alcohol consumption?

    For energy and stamina
    Parent's pressure
    Attraction created by advertisement
    As a culture
  • Which one of the following is not the short term effect of alcohol consumption?

    Flushed appearance
    Decreased heart rate
    Fast reaction
  • Which one of the following is not the long term effect of alcohol consumption?

    Electrolyte sufficiency
  • Which one of the following is the prevention of alcohol consumption?

    Socialize without alcohol
    Avoid going to bars
    All the options are correct
    Develop a healthy mindset
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