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Importance and Considering of Preparing Itinerary

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Importance of Itinerary

1. Compound Product:
A tourism product is made od 4 As that are Attraction, Accessibility, Accommodation, and Amenities. Tourism product is formed by two or more than two tourism elements. The joining of the elements is possible with the help of itinerary. Attraction and transport were there since a long time but no tourism due to the absence of mixed product.Modern tourism is the result of itineraries.

2. Tangible:
The tourism product that we are selling is an intangible product. Those products are converted into tangible, invisible into visible by the help of an itinerary as it contains all the information. Thus, the tourism product produced but the travel agency is the itinerary.

3. Sales-kit:
Buying and selling of the tourism product is difficult because tourism product is intangible. In this situation, an itinerary is of great help to the salesman as it includes detailed information of the tour, timetable, special features and events. An itinerary helps salesman for costing purpose. It solves the problem of sales because the product is intangible and immovable.

4. Point of Sale and Point of Service Delivery:
Itinerary helps as a flow of information between two points.

5. Ownership of the Tourism Product is non-transferable:
A tourism product is intangible and its ownership is non-transferable. Pre-consumption, post-consumption or transfer of the right to use the service is not allowed. Itinerary is used to solve this problem which mentions what yo have sold and who bought the services, for which date, under which conditions, and for how long etc.

6. Legal Document:
An itinerary has to be developed as a legal document. The itinerary is the agreed document between the buyer and seller. So. it is the proof of the document that one agrees to sell. It helps to settle the legal disputes.

7. Brand name:
An itinerary helps to brand the tourism product. A travel agency can brand his tour and express his speciality by developing an itinerary. With the help of special features of the itinerary, we can brand our tour and separate from the rest of the agencies.

8. Expressing the services in monetary terms:
Tourism is a service industry and the service is difficult to be expressed in monetary items. It is possible to express service in terms of money only with the help of an itinerary.

9. To manage and operate tour:
Itinerary is necessary to manage and operate the tour. When an itinerary is prepared then we know when what service is to be provided. The services move smoothly if itinerary is prepared.

Points to be considered while Preparing Itinerary:

An itinerary is the main sales item of a travel agency. An itinerary should be able to transform the intangible character of the tourist product into intangible item. An itinerary reflects the image of itinerary. Following points should be considered while preparing an itinerary:

  • Duration of tour:
    While preparing itinerary one must consider the allocation of time and duration. Certain tours or activities require the minimum number of days or time. At the same time, you must consider the time involved in visiting the place, and the time must be justified.

  • Interest:
    Itinerary should be based on interest of the tourist. A ready-made itinerary must be capable of attracting the maximum number of tourists and easily saleable, and should be competitive. Every market has special interests and itinerary should try to focus on them.

  • Season:
    Certain places are more interesting in one season than another. Tourism is a seasonable business so consider the seasons when one destination activity is better then older.

  • Budget:
    Itinerary is based on the budget too. Budget varies with different activities involved in the itinerary. The prepared itinerary must be competitive in the market.

  • Alternatives and sequences:
    A tourist product is supplied by lots of different agencies with different options. A good itinerary is the collection of the best options among the available alternatives. It must be able to select best route and sequence. The best selection of the alternative, sequence, and activities among the available possibilities will make the cheapest itinerary and the best one. Certain alternatives should be in sequence.

  • 4 As :
    Travel agent should consider 4 As - Attraction, Accommodation, Accessibility, and Amenities. The other consideration is the best transportation. If it is impossible to reach the destination it will be difficult to sale.

  • Possible to express in monetary term:
    Every itinerary must be possible to express in terms of cost. Every item, element, activity, mentioned in it should be possible to be evaluated in the monetary item.

  • Possible to fulfill:
    Preparing an itinerary is commitment, promise so mention only things which can be fulfilled. as an itinerary is legal document it involves consumer's right. Every activity and total itinerary must be possible to fulfill.


  1. A tourism product is made od 4 As that are Attraction, Accessibility, Accommodation, and Amenities. 
  2. Buying and selling of the tourism product is difficult because tourism product is intangible. 
  3. Importance of Itinerary


  •  Compound Product
  •  Tangible
  • Sales-kit
  • Point of Sale and Point of Service Delivery
  •  Ownership of the Tourism Product is non-transferable
  • Legal Document
  • Brand name
  • Expressing the services in monetary term



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