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Best Taste of Fruits

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My father took me to Udayapur district when I was twelve years old. My sister, Menaka who was fifteen years old was also on our jaunt. It was during summer vacation. Father taught us to respect nature and learn where our foods come from. To relish and to learn delicious mangoes we headed towards a garden. After forty minutes of walking, we reached the place where we saw beautiful mango trees loaded with full of mangos.

Many small and large; green and yellow mangoes were gleaming and blooming. It felt like trees were happy showing their sweet mangoes, green leaves and rough stems.

A big yellow mango attracted me. It was plummy and pulpy. Getting it was not easy. rough stems frightened me, but I was so passionate to get that. I imagined the sweet and delicious mango filled nectar inside. I climbed and began to pick. Father told us not to pick the green and hard ones as they could be pungent." If you bite, your mouth may blast because of bitterness" he added.

My father was excited as he grew up in that place. He was busy collecting largely ripped mangoes. My sister enjoyed many mangoes sitting under a big mango tree. I too had many but, I found a huge one which made me fall in love with it. After some time we left the garden. While returning my eyes were stuck on big mangoes.

Since then, I always choose fruits from their natural place. I have eaten many mangoes from that day but, they never tasted as heavenly as the ones in the garden.

  • To relish and to learn delicious mangoes they headed towards a garden.
  • his father was excited as he grew up in that place.
  • Since then, the writer always choose fruits from their natural place.

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He went to Udayapur in summer vacation.

Father advise his children not to bite green hard mangoes.

If I was in the place of write, then I would see ripe, tempting, blooming and shining mangoes. I would taste and smell those nectars. I wouldn't stop tasting yellow and big mangoes.

The writer only prefers mangoes which are grown naturally from that day.

  • The story happened in the winter season.

  • A big yellow-orange attracted the writer.

  • He imagines the sweet and bitter mangoes.

  • The wrier's mother was busy in collecting mangoes.

  • While returning his eyes were stuck in big mangoes.

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