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Starting a Futsal- Local's People's Views

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A local social club plans to open a Futsal in a village in western part of Nepal. The club sent some of their surveyors to ask the people's views. Survey showed the positive results of the Futsal.

Niraj Bhattarai, Mathillo Dumre: Delectated to hear a new proposal. The Futsal will sure enthusiast kids and young people to play and learn. Matches between villages might entertain villagers. Students are likely to learn about football and futsal. Some people might get jobs there. I am entirely happy to know about it.

Dirgaraj Sharma, Tallo Dumre:Futsal will mar our children and the peacefulness of the village. It will enslave kids to take money from home and go to futsal instead of school. The schools are unlikely to be able to control children. The proposed Futsal may be a big nuisance for parents with low income.

Bishnu Dhakal,Tindhare:Tv and Fm already kill half of our working times and children's studying time. All are likely to be crazy about the football. Football on the futsal doesn't come free. It will be hard for all people in the village to get entertainment from this. New generations may forget our traditional sports.

Dibash Khadka, Mathillo Dumre:The Futsal is likely to bring both good and bad changes in our village. Our children may not give much time to their studies. There will be fights and battle between youth peoples. But at the same time, they will improve their self in football. They may reach up to the national level in a game. At all, you can't stop the development in the society.

  • A local social club plans to open a Futsal in a village in western part of Nepal
  • Dirgaraj and Bishnu didn't like the plan whereas Niraj and Dibash agreed. 
  • In total, views were positive about the futsal. 

Questions and Answers

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  • The word 'Delectated' as used in the sentence means____________.

    spend much time
    great pleasure and enjoyent
    a moment of sadness
  • To enthusiast kids mean to_____________kids.

    increase interest of
    making joke of
    instead of
    building body of
  • Something that makes slave of someone is described as________.

  • The meaning of nuisance is____________.

    getting what one wants
    something or someone that annoys you
    spend much time
  • Futsal is the _____________________.

    place where we should go.
    spending much time.
    a type of football played between two teams of five players on a hard surface and in which each team can use an unlimited number of sunsitutes
    the place for kids.
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