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Tourism Marketing and Tourism Marketing mix

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Different concept of Tourism Marketing

  • Business level
  • National tourism organization (NTO)
  • Government

Business level

Different type of business organization are like the hotel, trekking, travel agencies are the agencies which are instead in services delivery or selling process. It involved in different type of tourism business that may be national or international for marketing. It helps to increase the level of business level of tourism.

National tourism organization (NTO)

National tourism organization is an organization which is done by the government which is done by the government. This type of organization can neither formulate rules and implement them. It arranges marketing campaigns and develops all the tourism product but it cannot involvement in tourism product of marketing.


Its marketing object is given below.

  • To create the positive image of country, region.
  • To motivate the business organization to involve in social in social justice.
  • To generate and increase visitors.
  • To generate revenue and fair distribution of the income.
  • To protect nature, a social, and cultural heritage for the future generation.
  • To create a positive image of tourism among the people.
  • To increase investment in the tourism industry and in tourism plant.

A Specific Feature of Tourism Marketing

Tourism marketing has the certain type of characteristics. Some of the tourism product are discussed below.

  • Tourism product does not move
  • Production and consumption are closely interrelated
  • The concept of competition
  • Wide coverage
  • Ownership of the tourism product is no transfer

Tourism Marketing Mix

The marketing mix is the process of managing the quality of the market. To manage the market of an organization should be used in different types of materials tools and product which is called marketing mix. The word marketing mix was used by the Neli H Borden in 1964 A.D. The concept of marketing mix was found by James Colleton. To control the marketing mix the combining of strategies of 4p. "Mix” is the elements which help to get the target or the goal of company or organization. Tourism marketing mix is the joint effort so one single organization have no control over the other organization. For example

In this ways, mix marketing has many kinds of definition in the world and some of them are given below:

According to Philip Kotler-- Marketing mix is the setting of the firms of marketing decision variables at a particular point in time.

According to William J. Stanton –Marketing mix is the term is the term that is used to describe the combination of the four input that constitutes the core of company marketing system: the product, the distribution system, the price structure and the product distribution to consumers.

According to Petter D. Bennett- Marketing mix is the marketing program including product conception and development, pricing decision, promotion of the product and distribution to the consumer.

According to Jerome E. McCarthy- Marketing mix is the controllable variable which the company puts together to satisfy its target market.

According to Thomas A. Staudt and Donald A. Taylor- Marketing mix refers to the actual work that must be done to reach the target market and achieve corporate objectives.

In conclusion, marketing means the process of things or company in the same way of time. Tourism marketing helps to fulfill the demands of the more by or the customer and that kind of activities helps to score the goals of an organization.

Production concept of tourism marketing mix is the supportive component of the marketing mix. As the first letter of all the seven star with p so that it is called as 7p also. The product concept of tourism marketing mix is as follows:-

The product is the process of providing good and service to the organization to get the goals of the organization of the market. The product is a group of utilities which helps to get to a need of the customer to satisfies them in their life.

Price is the amount of money which customer have to pay to get the product. It is directly affected the demand of good and services. Price is one of the important factors of the product of sales revenue. The price of the product or the tourism product is the total of monetary and non-monetary elements,as many tourism products are available at free of cost such as natural beauty , social hospitality . Tourism product always includes the value of time and the value of money.

Different distribution strategies can be selected for tourism marketing. It includes various activities undertaken to make the product accessible and available to target customers. Infrastructure facilities, transportation, communication are important for the development of tourism center.In the tourism, as the product is immovable channel refers to the transport of customers from the point of sale(POS) to the point of service delivery(POSD).It includes transport system channel members.

It is related to informing, educating, persuading, reminding the customers about the benefit of an organization offers. Promotion helps in maximizing the duration of stay, frequency of visit by offering new tourists products in the same country to areas. Advertisement, sale promotion, public relation and personal selling are the elements of Traditional Promotional Mix.

People plays an important role in tourism.Customer service is focus issue in tourism. The travel agents, guides staff of travel companies, sales staff etc. are the people. Their skill, efficiency, knowledge, motivation and customer care are very important. People mix includes staffs, customers, and other which create tourism environment.

Physical evidence:
Tourism product is the combination of the tangible product like comfortable seat while traveling, layout and design of the resort, natural service scope, etc. The service concept needs physical evidence. Consideration is given to decor, environment, and ambiance of the product or where the product is consumed.

The operation process of the tourism firm will depend on the size of the tourism. The attributes of a process include speed, efficiency, service time,"waiting time", appointment system and forms and documents.


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A Specific Feature of Tourism Marketing:

  1. Tourism product does not move
  2. Production and consumption are closely interrelated
  3. The concept of competition
  4. Wide coverage
  5. Ownership of the tourism product is no transfer

To manage the market of an organization should be used in different types of materials tools and product which is called marketing mix.


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