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A day off

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A. Sujit, Niraj, Jyoti, and Rupa are young football players. They are in a closed camp practising for a tournament. But today is a holiday for them. They are together and composing plans for today. Read and note what plan each one of them has.

Sujit:Thank god! For the break. I think I will visit my family today.

Jyoti:I don't think I will go anywhere. I'll sleep for the whole day

Niraj:Perhaps I will go for shopping. I want to buy some clothes.

Rupa:I will be watching a movie on the TV. I think I'll buy some foods in the afternoon.

B. Now their coach is asking about their plans. They are telling him what they expect to do.

Coach: Good morning! What are you going to do today?

Sujit:I am going to visit my family today, sir.

Jyoti:I'm thinking of sleeping throughout the day. I won't go anywhere.

Niraj:I'm planning to go shopping.

Rupa:I expect to watch TV for some time. I am going to buy some foods in the afternoon.

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