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Note on Element of Personalities of Hotel Industries-2

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Howard Deaning Johnson

Howard Deaning Johnson: (source enwikipedia.com)
Howard Deaning Johnson (source enwikipedia.com)

Howard Deaning Johnson was an undistinguished patent medicine sales representative. In 1925, when he borrowed $500 from a friend to swing the purchase of a small retail store in Quincy Massachusetts; the primary feature of patent medicine stores in 1920s was a soda fountain for mixing "medicinal" tonics and flavored syrups with carbonated water. Howard Johnson`s soda fountain also served soft drinks concocted from flavored syrups, but his real love was ice-cream. His store sold three flavors- vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry.

Experimenting with a handed- cranked freezer in the basement of the store, Johnson came up with his own line of ice cream which, within a year made his soda fountain the most popular eatery in town. Adding hamburgers, hot dogs, and sandwiches, to the menu, he covered the store into the world first Howard Johnson`s restaurant. In 1935, Johnson convinced the owner of a restaurant in near by Cape Cod to use the Howard Johnson name in return of free and an arrangement to buy food and supplies from Johnson. Johnson had franchised 400 restaurants by 1954, when he entered the lodging trade franchising his first motor lodge in Savanna, Georgia.

In 1959 Johnson handed over the reins of his small business empire to his son, Howard Brennan Johnson, who oversaw the chain`s operations until 1980 when the company sold to a British multinational, Imperial Group. The Johnson family company owned restaurants which are currently operated by Marriot Corporation, under "The Bob`s Big Boy " trademark. The Howard Johnson lodging chain is franchised by Prime Motor Inn.

August Escoffier

August Escoffier( source www.telegraph.com)
August Escoffier (source www.telegraph.com)

Escoffier was born on October 28, 1846, on Villeneuve – Loubet. French chef known for his innovations in haute cuisine, Escoffier has started his career from his uncle's restaurant at the very tender age of 13. His talent and the love to the trade rewarded him as a commis de cuisine in hotel Bellevue at the same age. After few years Escoffier was offered work as a commis rotisserie in a famous restaurant called "Du petit Moulin Rough" in Paris.

Few years later, he opened his own restaurant "Le Faisan Doree" in Cannes, where he met a Swiss Hotel Manager Caser Ritz. The friendship of Escoffier and Ritz became strong and Escoffier was offered to work in Grand hotel in Monte Carlo as chef de cuisine. The team gave him a new image of quality and success to their entrepreneurship. Escoffier and Ritz worked in as the formula of modernization and simplification. The formula worked so well that Escoffier earned a worldwide reputation as a director of the kitchens at the Grand Hotel at Monte Carlo and at Cesar Ritz`s Savoy (1890-1899) and Carlton (1890-1899) hotels in London .

Escoffier was a simple man, believed in simple dress up but was very strict in discipline. During his tenure, no one could smoke inside the kitchen. Escoffier was fond of making relations with people. He helped to reform Grande cuisine by simplifying and refining it and making its preparation more efficient. He wrote Guide Culinaire in (1903), Ma Cusine in (1934), and other classic works. He is often called the greatest chef of all time. Escoffier is known as the "King of Chef".

Caser Ritz

Caser Ritz (source likesuccess.com)
Caser Ritz (source likesuccess.com)

Caser Ritz was born on 1850 in Switzerland. He started his career as a waiter and introduced of the luxury hotels by his own name. Ritz after his successful career in the hotel industry. He opened different chain hotels in the countries like Germany, Egypt, USA, UK etc. he was associated with Auguste Escoffier who is regarded as the king of Chef`s. they were also very good friends of each other. Ceaser died at the age of 58 in a native country, Switzerland.


J.N.TATA (source enwikipedia.com)
J.N.TATA (source: dwarkaparichay.blogspot.com)

In 1903 A.D, Mr. Jamshed Numerwanji Tata opened the Taj Mahal hotel in Bombay with an authorized capital of Rs 50 Lakhs. The idea was born as long ago as 1888 when a friend of his ironically remarked that Bombay could not have a single decent hotel. A French architect of the building came back after the completion, to see every detail of construction. With one small exception it was located back to front; he was so disappointed and shot himself to death. Fronting the Bombay harbor and overlooking the gateway of India, it was until recently the largest hotels in the east. Mr .Tata who was a great industrialist and built an up to date hotel was essential for the advancement of Bombay city and India as a whole.

Rai Bahadur M.S

Rai bhadur M.S (source iloveindia.com)
Rai bahadur M.S (source iloveindia.com)

Another Indian entrepreneur who entered into the hotel industry was Rai Bahadur Mohan Singh Oberoi. Mr . Oberoi opened the chain of hotels in India and abroad. M.S Oberoi was born on 15th August 1900. He was from a poor family. At a very young age, he took up a job in a shoe factory which closed down immediately after he joined. With this, he went to Simla and joined as a clerk in Cecil hotel with a salary of Rs sixty-two (62) per month.

Mr. Oberoi was an ambitious and intelligent person. while working in Cecil hotel he was fascinated by hotel industries. Therefore he became the partner of Clark`s hotel in Simla along with an English man. In !993, Oberoi took over the grand hotel in Calcutta on lease and renovated it.Grand hotel, fortunately, could accommodate the British and American military troops in world war two. In 1941 Mr. Oberoi was awarded as the title Rai Bahadur by the government of India in recompense of his services. In 1955, Mr. Oberoi was elected president of hotel association of India. Mr. Oberoi was awarded a lots of prestigious awards during his tenure. Now an Oberoi group of hotel is spread all over Australia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka and Indonesia.

Without these personalities, hotel industries would not have been so developed as it is now. they are the great personalities of hotel industries whom nobody can forget.


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  1. Howard Deaning Johnson was an undistinguished patent medicine sales representative.
  2.  Escoffier has started his career from his uncle's restaurant at the very tender age of 13.
  3. Caser Ritz was born on 1850 in Switzerland. He started his career as a waiter and introduced of the luxury hotels by his own name.
  4. Another Indian entrepreneur who entered in to the hotel industry was Rai Bhadur Mohan Singh Oberoi. 
  5.  Mr . Oberoi opened the chain of hotels in India and abroad.

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