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Popularity of Junk Food and its Catastrophes

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Honorary Chairperson, respected teachers, dear friends, my brothers, and sisters.

I would like to thank Mr. Bhattarai for letting me the chance to say my few words on Junk foods. I am supporting about "the popularity of Junk food and its catastrophes".

Source: Fig: Junk Foods
Fig: Junk Foods

As we know, every living organism in the world needs food to survive. It is an essential thing for all living beings. Without food, life is impossible to imagine.

We produce food and we consume it, but the important is that what type of food we eat. For us, health is the most valuable property. We know that health is determined by the food we eat. Thus, there is a strong bond between the health and food that we eat.

As my friend has just said that this is the world of technology. People are too busy in their daily life. So they don’t consider of making food and goes for junk food instead. Junk food is available everywhere. They are ready-made to eat and easy to get. We can find it in department stores, fast food restaurants, and grocery stores. Also, television advertisements promote such food by making it attractive.

Junk foods highly contain fat, sugar, calories or caffeine. Junk foods are like candies, chips, noodles, cheese, jam, biscuits and much more. Although, it is highly poisonous, but it has little nutritious value too.

Honorary Chairperson, there are so many problems with junk food. People are easily satisfied with these kinds of junk food and even use them in their daily life. And another problem is that junk food is replacing our traditional food day by day. Also, like heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure is mainly caused by junk food. Fats from junk food trigger the brain to wish more food. Junk food affects all persons and primarily children, pregnant women and old peoples. Children and mothers while pregnant, who eat junk food become more hyperactive and easily distracted than usual.

Lastly, I want to appeal that junk food has lots of problems and various diseases. So we should eat home foods instead of junk food.

  • Junk food is available worldwide and getting popular day by day.
  • People are loving junk food and using it daily.
  • Junk food is high in calories, fat, sugar, salt or caffeine and contain a little nutritious value. 
  • Junk food is directly associated with the increase in obesity, heart diseases, high blood pressure, certain types of cancer and tooth decay. 

Questions and Answers

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In department stores, fast food restaurants, and grocery stores junk foods are easily available. 

Junk food is famous all over the world and people are using it day by day replacing their traditional food. So, we can say that junk food has become a global culture.

They are ; People easily get satisfied with it and it is replacing our traditional food.

They are heart disease, obesity, and high blood pressure. 

Yeah I think it  is really bad because it causes so diseases, replaces our traditional food and many other problems.

  • Television advertisement promotes such by making it ___________

  • Although, it is highly poisonous, but it has little _____________ value.

  • Every living organism in the world needs ____________to survive.

  • Junk food is ___________ our traditional food day by day.

  • Fats from junk food trigger the ___________to wish more food. 

  • The meaning of catastrophe is:

    a sudden event that causes very great trouble or destruction.
    the great mistake
    a real thing for the need
    a event which happens between the time.
  • Synonym of essential is:

  • Satisfied means:

    laughing nonstoply
    contented & pleased.
    feeling excited
  • The definition of hyperactive is:

    abnormally or extremely active.
    big thing.
    last speed.
  • Antonym of traditional is:

    nothing much
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